Merry Christmas

Holiday Events with Santa


Schedule your event with East Nash Santa... any type of gathering where some additional "Ho! Ho! Ho!" is desired.... Church Groups, Scout Groups, popping in for Family Gatherings prior to or immediately after Christmas.
Contact East Nash Santa for details.


The Real Deal

Yes indeed, this beard is actually firmly attached to this Santa's face. Not only that, but this Santa REALLY knows who's been naughty or nice!

Welcome To East Nash Santa's Workshop


Busy, but never too busy to visit a holiday gathering....

As you can imagine, the Workshop is a flurry of activity this time of year. I'm proud to say that the elves are doing a remarkable job of preparing for our round-the-world deliveries on Christmas eve. The reindeer and I can hardly wait to once again show UPS and FedEx the true meaning of "We deliver!"


Even with all the pressure at this time of year, East Nash Santa is the absolute jolliest dude I've ever met.

Rudolph - Reindeer